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In our production we use the latest laser and CNC technology in order to meet the

the most demanding cutting and engraving requirements.

Our machine park consists of the following machines:

- CO2 Laser Speedy 300 25W - Trotec Austria (with cylindrical attachment)

- CO2 Laser Speedy 100 30W - Trotec Austria (with cylindrical attachment)

- CO2 Laser LS500 XL 40W, Gravograph - France (with cylindrical attachment)

- CNC engraver IS300, Gravograph - France

- CNC engraver IS400, Gravograph - France

- CNC engraver IS700, Gravograph - France

The above equipment is drastically different from other machines in the market in terms of accuracy and quality engraving and cutting.

Speedy 300 is a unique laser system with high precision, which has an acceleration of 5G when engraving and a maximum operating speed of 355 cm / s.

Application of CNC engraving machines:

- Engraving and cutting all kinds of non-ferrous metals (brass, copper, aluminum, bronze ...)

- Engraving of all kinds of steel, including stainless steel

- Engraving of all kinds of plastic (ABS, PE, PP, Gravoply , Traffolyte, LaserMax ...)

Application of laser engraving and cutting machines:

- Engraving and cutting acrylic (PMMA)

- Engraving ceramics

- Engraving of plastic-coated metal

- Engraving cork

- Cutting the foam materials

- Cutting film for industrial keyboards

- Marking metal and stainless steel - Stainless steel (with the use of special chemicals)

- Cutting and Engraving cards and stationery

- Engraving and cutting certain types of plastic

- Engraving and cutting rubber

- Engraving and marking stone

- Engraving of textiles

- Engraving and cutting wood

For more information about the engraving and cutting of materials, refer to the category of "engraving service".

All laser systems in our production have their own environmental air filter with activated carbon that protects the environment - because we care!

Please take look at video of the basics of laser systems that we use.


Engraving on metals we CNC machine Gravograph which allows engraving on irregular shaped objects with extreme precision.

Modern CAD/CAM software GravoStyle 7 allows us to use any prepress in any format with ease.


We use the following machines that make our daily tasks much easier:

- Machine for heat bending acrylic (PMMA) and other types of soft plastics

- Precision Cutter Grinder for engraving and form cutters

- Safety saw for cutting flat materials (including non-ferrous metals)

- Machine for deburring on plastics and non-ferrous metals

- Machine for cutting aluminum profiles

- Polisher


In the development of our products we use a large number of plate material.

All materials on which we engrave are imported from Gravograph (France), Innograv (Germany) and IPI (USA)

We are also the only manufacturers of laser stamp rubber in Serbia.