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Let's introduce ourselves ...

Gravex Company Ltd. is the result of years of tradition of craft shop SOLID which is established in 1953. and which was more than 50 years providing engraving and rubber stamp services. 50 years of tradition, knowledge and skills of the old masters was successfully transformed into the mainstream of modern technology that we constantly improve to meet all our client requirements in terms of quality and design.

The very fact of the continued existence speaks volumes about the company which is now led by the third generation of what we consider extreme rareness and success.
As for this type of craft did not exist schools or specialized institutions that educated new staff, it is clear enough that this craft could only be learned by direct transfer of knowledge from experienced masters.

Proven technology is refined and modified for decades, but we have basically kept proven methodology and technology of work. Knowledge and experience of the old masters have passed down generations and in the same spirit it still survives. Top quality, design, precision and absolute respect of deadlines are recognizable features of our business, but it's also our imperative.

The specificity of the products and services that we provide and the absolute legal requirements and safety records proves our success by the fact that in 60 years of business we have not had any misdemeanor or criminal liability.
In addition, we have certificate of Interior Ministry of the Republic of Serbia, which authorizes our company for making official seals and stamps of the Republic of Serbia.

Our references contains tens of thousands of companies, and federal and state authorities to which we provided our engraving and rubber stamp services from foundation untill today.